Dental bonding is an excellent option for improving the appearance of your smile, as this composite resin material repairs damaged or decayed teeth. Your family dentist in Norcross, GA custom selects a composite resin color to match your existing teeth. This means people do not see the previous damage when you smile, talk, or eat, and only see your perfectly natural-looking teeth. In fact, bonding is one of the least expensive ways to improve your smile.

Dental Bonding

Woman who is very pleased with her dental bondingOptions to bonding include dental veneers, amalgam fillings, as well as dental crowns in Norcross, GA. Before bonding your teeth, your dentist provides a consultation to discuss your concerns and how the process works. You also learn what results to expect and other options for your restoration or cosmetic improvement.

For example, the most common issues for which dentists use composite dental bonding Norcross GA include:

  • Decayed tooth filling
  • Chipped teeth repair
  • Fractured tooth repair
  • Discolored or stained teeth restoration
  • Tooth lengthening

More About Dental Bonding

Dental bonding in Norcross, GA, applies a composite resin, a type of plastic, to your tooth surfaces where you suffered damage or discoloration. This damage comes from trauma, decay, disease as well as even the foods and drinks you consume. Dental bonding also helps make teeth look longer when you want a more balanced and uniform smile.

The bonding material is tooth-colored. It blends into your natural smile. No one can tell you had composite resin applied to your teeth, except for you and your dentist. This is a great benefit when you suffer unsightly decay, chips, fractures, stains, or discoloration. The material also works great for protecting exposed roots after gum recession.

Another benefit of bonding is its affordability. The procedure is one of the least expensive ones available for cosmetic smile improvement. Your dentist creates custom colors, shapes, and polishes the material to match your tooth surfaces and provide seamless improvements. Bonding even works well for closing gaps between teeth, changing tooth shape, improving color, and making teeth appear longer.

The Dental Bonding Process

To bond your teeth, your dentist first uses a shade guide to color match the material to your surrounding teeth. After color selection and mixing of the composite resin, he etches the surface of your tooth to make it slightly rough and applies a conditioning material. This allows the composite resin to firmly adhere to your tooth.

After applying the bonding material, your dentist molds, shapes, and smooths it. Once the right look and shape are achieved, a UV light or laser hardens the resin. Final trimming and shaping achieve the best appearance and polishing give it a sheen like the rest of your teeth.

This sounds like a lengthy process. But from beginning to end, it only takes about a half-hour to an hour. This means you can go into your dentist’s office at lunch and come out with a refreshed, restored and attractive smile.

Taking Care of Your Bonded Teeth

You need to remember that some drinks and foods stain bonding resin, especially for the first 48 hours after your procedure. During this time, avoid staining your new surfaces by avoiding staining agents like tea, coffee, smoking, red wine, and tomato sauce.

You also need to maintain your attractive smile, just as you would without bonding. Brush your teeth twice daily using fluoride toothpaste, floss every day and take other steps for daily oral hygiene as directed by your dentist.

Dental Bonding in Norcross, GA

In Norcross, GA, you have access to most of the same dental treatments and procedures as any other part of the country. This means you can have the Hollywood smile you want, thanks to your local dental team. For your best oral health and the attractive, youthful smile you want, find a dentist who offers a quality mix of dental services. These services should include:

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