Having one or more missing teeth makes everyday communication, biting, chewing, and speaking more difficult. So when you are missing a tooth, talk to your dentist about options for teeth replacement. One such restorative dental option is a dental bridge. Dental bridges have helped people maintain a healthy bite, face shape, and smile for generations.

Dental bridges fill gaps in your smile and bite by using surrounding teeth, known as abutment teeth, for support. Where you have a gap, a false tooth called a pontic provides a natural-looking replacement.

Why Consider Dental Bridges?

Dentist explaining dental bridges in Norcross, GADental bridges help you restore your smile and keep a more youthful, full face shape when you experience lost or missing teeth. Having a bridge helps you speak clearly, properly bite and chew your food, and keep other teeth from moving out of position.

For dental bridges in Norcross, GA, you have three standard options today. These include the traditional bridge, cantilever bridge, and Maryland bridge. Of these, traditional bridges are the most popular.

A dental lab crafts traditional bridges of porcelain or ceramic fused to metal. They feature a dental crown covering abutment teeth on each side for support. The pontic fits securely between these crowns.

Cantilever bridges suit your need when you only have natural teeth on one side of the missing tooth. Abutment teeth on that one side support the pontic at the end of your bridge. The downside of a cantilever bridge is its potential for damaging abutment teeth over time.

Maryland bridges, like the traditional style, use a metal framework with an attached pontic supported by adjacent teeth. But this type of bridge differs slightly from a traditional style. Metal or porcelain wings cemented to abutment teeth provide support for a Maryland bridge, instead of using crowns over these teeth.

Dental bridges provide a lower cost option to dental implants in Norcross, GA. Most dental insurance policies cover some of these costs. A bridge lasts for many years when you properly maintain it through regular dental visits and good home oral hygiene.

Placement of Your New Dental Bridge

The first dental visit for installation of your bridge involves removal of some of your tooth enamel where you need crowns fitted. Your dentist then takes impressions of your teeth for crafting of the bridge, crowns and pontic by a dental lab. While you await the arrival of your new, permanent bridge, you wear a temporary one.

During your second dental visit for a bridge, your dentist removes the temporary tooth replacement and places the permanent bridge. Sometimes you need to return to the dentist for another appointment to ensure proper fit.

Once your bridge is in place, you care for it at home just like you maintain your natural teeth. This involves twice-daily brushing with fluoride toothpaste, as well as daily flossing.

You also need to visit your dentist’s office twice yearly to reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease through routine exams and professional cleanings. During these visits, your dentist checks the bridge to ensure it is functioning as it should and still fits properly.

Other Important Dental Services in Norcross, Georgia

If dental bridges in Norcross, GA, do not provide the solution you seek for tooth replacement, you may wish to discuss implants with your dentist. Dental implants provide permanent and natural-looking tooth replacement. In fact, many dentists prefer dental implants to bridges today, whenever this option is within a patient’s budget and suits their needs. Talk to your dentist about your options to make your own informed decision.

Other dental services you need from your Norcross, GA dentist include:

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