Dental crowns are little more than custom caps that a dentist puts over particular teeth. Their primary purpose is to protect the tooth from falling out. Besides that, they allow for a visually appealing, cosmetic replacement that maintains your smile. Even so, there’s plenty of confusion out there about the technology behind the crown.

What Dental Crowns Do

Dentist applying dental crowns in Norcross, GAThink of them as prosthetics that cover a tooth, which lost its top. In some cases, part of the tooth broke off. Maybe a large filling is holding together the tooth at this moment.

Continued chewing may lead to a shattering of the tooth’s remaining top. Besides that, it may allow bacteria to enter the tooth and kill it. Therefore, the dental crowns in Norcross, GA, patients receive are medical necessities. These are not solely cosmetic processes even though crowns undoubtedly beautify your smile.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Receiving a Crown?

The Dental Center of Norcross routinely works with patients whose cavity fillings are too large. They might have tried to go this route first, but it’s not working. Already, they can feel the filling moving. Maybe the hygienist noticed that there’s some decay around it.

You’re also a good candidate for dental crowns if you have a root canal treatment. The cap finishes the treatment process by restoring the look of the tooth. In many cases, a dentist may also recommend the cap for a tooth that’s weak and could experience damage from chewing. As a prophylactic treatment, it prevents the future need for a root canal or tooth pull.

How It Works: Two Steps

Your dentist begins with performing the work that might necessitate the crown. Examples include:

  • Dental cleaning, scaling, and planing to prevent the spread of gingivitis
  • Oral cancer screening that focuses on the health of the gums and other tissues
  • Root canal therapy to remove any infected pulp from the inside of a tooth
  • Filling any cavities that you may currently have
  • Bonding broken teeth or those that show cracks

During this visit, the dentist also takes X-rays to verify that the roots of the tooth are healthy. While you are under anesthesia, the expert shapes the tooth that will receive the cap. It may require removal of some of the tooth or building it up with bonding cement. The new shape makes it ideal for fitting dental crowns.

Next, the dentist takes an impression of the reshaped tooth. We send it to a laboratory, where technicians custom design the crown. During a second visit, Dental Center of Norcross experts fit the crown on your tooth. By cementing it in place, it now becomes a regular part of your mouth.

After the area heals, you can chew on it normally. That said, don’t chew ice or other things that might crack it. Of course, you shouldn’t do that in the first place.

Size Considerations, Material Options, and Color Choices

There’s more to the selection of the dental crowns in Norcross, GA, than you might think. For starters, you may not need a full-size crown. This product typically covers the entire tooth. In some cases, you might do well with a three-quarter crown.

Next, there’s the material consideration. Porcelain on metal is an option that many dentists don’t like. Although it’s excellent for back teeth when it comes to strength, there’s the possibility of a dark line showing through. Porcelain alone is a better option for aesthetic reasons.

When determining the details of the dental crowns, your dentist will adapt the color selection to fit your smile. If you’re planning to have a teeth whitening procedure done, do it before ordering the dental crowns in Norcross, GA. This allows the professional to adjust to this brighter color.

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